Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hobble Creek Half Marathon 8/22/09

This was a great day! Me, Jordan, Brent, my lil sis, Shala & her hubby, Pat and my brother, David all ran the Hobble Creek half marathon. Thanks to Pat & Shala for talking us into doing it. I have always wanted to run it because it is just up my street. And it is a incredibly beautiful run. Coming down our canyon is a truly breath-taking experience. We are so blessed to live here! The weather was perfect. I felt better than I did at the Music City half in Nashville 2 years ago and I had a better run time, 2hrs 30min(I know I'm slow...but I did it)!
Brent and Jordan did only 1 practice run and beat the family record! Nobody in the Lifferth/Gage/Stephens/Zurawski families have ever been able to break the 2 hour mark and they did it!!! Jordan and Brent did it in 1 hour 58 min!!! I'm so proud of them!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Elder Gage, More Samoa!

These are just more of the pictures Dave sent us a while back. In his last email, he sadly said that Elder Williams got transfered. So sad! But he is moving on to bigger things, a zone leader in Savaii! Good luck Elder Williams! Dave and us will miss you!

Dave's new comp is Elder Tolley from Oregon. He said he is a good missionary! And they had baptisms planned for last week but they got sick, so hopefully it will happen this week!

Dave told us of some recent experiences with opposition, he said, "...its like my whole life I've been surrounded by nothing but support for my testimony and beliefs but now on the mission all the sudden I'm encountering opposition and its a test of testimony. It really is such a blessing to have these experiences, to see really how strong your testimony is. Guys, prepare now for the mission, it really is the best, I love it!"