Thursday, May 28, 2009

GREATEST Mother's Day EVER!!!

WE GOT TO TALK WITH DAVE!!! It's been a long time since we've got to hear his voice. Maybe you won't understand this, but as a mother it makes my heart happy just to hear
his voice! Just hearing him talk...I can tell how he is doing! AND HE IS HAPPY!!! I could just tell from his voice. He sounded so grown up. His voice was deeper. He sounded more mature (if that is possible with Dave).
But we only got to talk for 70 min. Which was way too short compared to our long December conversations. We got to talk for a long time when he was at the airport. Our Christmas talk was over two and a half hours and $1150 dollars...yes, its true. But it was worth every penny! So our measly 70 minutes seemed way too little, eleven hundred dollars cheaper but way to short!
He is having great success with his comp Elder Williams! They cover 3 wards and have had baptisms almost every single week since they have been together! What incredible blessings! They have been very grateful for the hard working members who help them with referrals. He has been so impressed with how loving the Samoan people are. He said he wants to be more like that.
He shared his testimony with us in Samoan. It was so touching! And it was truly amazing. He only started learning the Samoan language in October, and he sounded great! Dave said that in their new area some people speak English. So he was teaching a lesson in English and was really having a hard time with some words, which is so funny...English is his native tongue!

He was also very excited to get to start working out again. There is a gym close by and for their exercise the mission president is allowing them to go there. He told us that Elder Williams said he will have Dave benching 225 in just 5 weeks! (Too bad his little brother Brent is already benching 215!!!) You better get to work Elder Gage!

His advice to us was to love each other. He told his brothers and sister not to fight, just love each other. Great advice for all!
He also said to read and study the scriptures, everyday! He was very impressed that his brother Brent has read all of the standard works, something he has not finished yet. But is working on it right now. He also encouraged his brothers to study, Preach My Gospel, everyday too.
He said he loves his mission! He is learning and growing so much. It's been the best thing in the world for all of us! WE LOVE OUR MISSIONARY!!!