Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finally, we got pictures from Dave. It took the mail 5 weeks to get here but it was worth the


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Elder Gage's email 2/23/09

Still no new pictures from Dave. But here is some of his awesome email from yesterday:

"Thank you so much for your love and support. The work is going great here! I'm able to feel the spirit so much more because I'm not continuously worried about troubles with my soa (companion). This last week was sweet because for service we helped with a "umu" and making the food. I learned how to make "palusami" and we chased a chicken and the kid hit it with a rock and then I was able to pluck a chicken for my very first time. It was so cool (his southern folks will be so proud!). Also, lately my Samoan has really been improving and I've been able to talk and joke more with people. It feels so cool! The work is great and I'm loving the work! The food is great and I'm learning to eat like a Samoan!"

We are not sure what "umu" and "palusami" are but we will try to find out and let you know!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pix from MTC exit and Departing for Samoa 12/9/08

We haven't got any new Samoa pix so here are some leaving pix...

5 more baptisms!!!

The email from our missionary this week was fabulous!!! He had 5 more baptisms! He said it was amazing! It was a family who has waited a long time for it. He said he baptized the father, Taulima, first. After he baptized him he just stood there and hugged Dave for a long time, he was so happy the day had finally come!
Also, Elder Gage was real excited to let us know he got a new comp. His name is Elder Alofa, which means Love in Samoan! He said..."Elder Alofa is a great companion. He is a convert to the church and he is almost 23 yrs old. So I know he is here for the right reasons. I have never felt the spirit this much or felt this good since I've been in Samoa. Elder Alofa is teaching me the right way and it feels so good! Also, he won't speak English to me! He is really patience with me and will slow down and explain things for me in Samoan. My Samoan will really pick up this way! Things are really going great!"
We continue to feel an amazing missionary spirit in our home! It is awesome to be blessed with a missionary serving the Lord! Keep praying for him!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Elder Gage's First Baptism!!!

Dave's email this week was awesome!!! He had his first baptism! The guys name is Salevao Laumata but they call him Isaako Laumata (Dave said the Samoans have many different names). He is 19 years old. He came to live with his uncle who is the ward clerk, while he went to school. Dave and his comp were the ones to teach him. Dave baptised him and his comp confirmed him. Dave said they do have a small baptismal font at there church. Dave said, "it was a really awesome experience, even though I was kinda nervous and shaky. I said the prayer in Samoan and I didn't have to repeat it-which I was really happy!" "...with the baptism it made me realize how little I did in the whole process (not only because my skills in Samoan is limited) but that its the Lord and the spirit that do all the work. The Lord really prepared him, all we as missionaries had to do was to show up and teach and bear testimony."
He said they had another missionary join then because they had to shut down one of the areas because of lack of investigators. He said they had a district meeting and just as the missionaries who were in that area got in the car to leave it starting raining really hard. Dave said, "the thought came to me that this was God's way of crying over the closing of that area."

We told Dave that this is the Lord's time, we had him for 19 years and now you have only 2 short years to give your all to the Lord, so make the best of it!!! Please keep praying for our missionary!