Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Elder Brent Gage March 2012

Finally got a camera card from Brent...actually Grandma mailed it to us! Brent is back in Nashville! He is serving as zone leader. He gets to see grandma & grandpa as much as he wants according to his mission president! Him and some of the other missionaries enjoyed a yummy southern meal at grandma's house after they helped grandpa cut down a bunch of trees!
One of his recent emails, "If there is one thing I'm learning on my mission it's that nothing is more important than people. Nothing is more effective than just loving my brother. And in the end, all that will matter will be those we helped along the way. It's all much more simple than we make it seem. We tend to overcomplicate what is really quite straightforward-Thou shalt love they neighbor as thyself. On this hangs all the law and the prophets." I'm so proud of my young wise son!!!