Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ELDER GAGE IS SAFE IN SAMOA after Tsunami 9/29/09

This is the email we got from Dave:

Hey family,I've got to be quick but I'm perfectly fine, please do not worry at all. We felt the earthquake, but we are on the complete opposite side of the island from where the tsunami hit. So not that much exciting news. and whenever there is a warning, our zone gets picked up really quick, and we go way high up on the mountain. So please, please do not worry about me. Just remember its on the complete other side of the island, so we are just hearing about the other side. The gave us an option to either call or email our families, and I hope you'll understand but I don't really want to call (I'm sure you understand dad). But its kind of boring for us on this side nothing has happened at all on this side. I've just heared some crazy stories from other missionaries on the side of the island where it hit. but just remember I am completely fine, and I am and was so far away from any danger. right now I just hope that we can go over on that side and help people. But I'll talk more on monday about it. Love you guys, thanks for all your prayers. Just remember I am perfectly fine, mom, please do not worry. Just pray for all those families that have lost there homes and loved ones. Love you all,Elder Gage

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dave and his fav comp, Elder Williams

9/8/09 Pictures from Elder Gage

We got a package from Dave! It was received at our post office in mid July but we didn't get it until now. It came while we were on vacation but the notice was not put with our mail they were holding. Oh well, it was worth the wait! We got a camera card full of great pictures and video clips, lava lava's for the whole family, really cool Samoan battle axes for the boys, Samoan t-shirts for dad, hand woven purses for mom and Kaela, and hand painted hair clips too!
Dave said in his recent email, "On Saturday we baptised, Falaniko. A 20 year old kid, and its cool because a couple of months ago I baptized his younger brother." "Today here in Samoa, is the official day that they have switched the roads. Instead of driving on the right side of the road (like in america), today they've switched it to the left side. None of the ZLs are allowed to drive today." "This week, Elder Williams came back from Savaii with other zone leaders to pick up the new right-hand drive vans. And man, I miss Elder Williams. He was such a fun, great companion."