Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dave's Email 6/15/09 and 6/22/09

We got two awesome emails from Dave in the last 2 weeks. Still no pictures but Dave said he has sent us another camera card, so hopefully new pix soon!
He sounds so good in his emails! I can tell he is so happy and loving his mission! It really helps to have a fabulous comp, Elder Williams!!! He talked about how great it is to work so hard right along beside him. He's told us how fun it is to have long talks with his comp just about life. He has shared some of his amazing experiences with him.
He told us of his strong testimony of fasting and the many blessings from it. He told us of an experience of fasting, how hard it was since they were proselyting and he was so hot and thirsty but the miracles that came from it were incredible, new investigators names coming to them and investigators that they already had became more accepting of the gospel.
His testimony of the temple was greatly increased when they had a zone conference inside the temple. Their mission pres and the temple pres both spoke to all of them. He said the spirit was so strong, he just didn't want to leave. It also helped him understand more about the temple. He said, " I wish I could keep the spirit of the temple with me all the time".
He said he had some investigators ask some questions that he had to think hard for the answers, then he realized that the answers were in the Articles of Faith and the scripture mastery. So of course he told us he wished he would have worked harder on memorizing them. He challenged all of us to get them memorized!
He also told us he put all of our names in the temple while he was there for the zone conf. I told him in his last email that was an inspired thing to do because it saved his brother Jordan's life. He was learning how to ride a motorcycle this weekend and took it, at full speed over a 15 foot cliff and landed in a creek. He walked away with only a full scratches and bruises. Another miracle for the Gage family! We have been so greatly blessed with Dave serving a mission!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Brent's Summer Fun!!!

Thanks to my brother, Darren and his wife, Sarah, and kids, Brent is spending his first week of the summer on the beautiful beaches of Florida. My brother, Jon and his wife, Lauralynn and kids met them down there. Here are some of the pictures they sent us! We are all jealous!