Sunday, November 23, 2008

It was just fine that we didn't get a letter last week because we got 2 letters and a package this week from our missionary!! He sent some Samoa t-shirts and individual letters for each of his brothers and sister. His letters just get more and more amazing! We can feel his spirit as we read them. And we can definitely tell he is growing tons spiritually! He is really enjoying his teachers. He said his teacher Bro Baker gave a short lesson about D&C 35:13, and told them "when we are weak we are strong" and "humility brings the Lord's power into your work". Dave said that reminded him of the scripture Ether 12:27 and how it says "weak things become strong". He continues, "I love how it says God gives us weakness so we will be humble and rely on him. And later in the scripture it says we become strong, even with our weakness, through Him". He also told us, "in our room I wrote on a paper and hung it up on the wall,Alma 26:12, "In his strength I can do all things".

We learn so much from Dave's letters. It has been so great to learn right along with Dave. It has really brought into focus the eternal perspective, which actually makes life easier to handle when we focus more on that than the day to day problems.

He is working really hard on the language. And you can tell from the video clip. He was inspired to work really hard on the language when his teacher Bro Stevens told them all that if you can speak the language pretty good the Samoan people will consider you their friends but if you are incredible with the language they will consider you their family. That just brought tears to my eyes because I know Dave wants to be their family!
It has been one of the greatest blessings of our lives to have a missionary! It's hard to even put into words the amazing happiness we have felt! We feel so blessed! WE LOVE OUR MISSIONARY!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

So sad...we didn't get a letter this week! Our first week without a letter, how depressing! We were hoping to get more pictures too. But here is some cool stuff from his letter from last week:

He said he is loving it! He said the language is coming "slowly but surely". He said he gave a prayer in Samoan in class the other day and he was nervous but did it anyway and everyone said he did a good job. His comp said that "it was the best prayer so far"

He said, "There are just so many blessings I'm receiving. Being able to turn over my life to the Lord for molding is an amazing blessing. Whenever I start to feel frustrated, or impatient, or something, all I have to do is remember that I'm in the Lord's hands and immediately everything seems alright, I know that everything will work out. The eternal perspective really changes your attitude about things and I can't wait to share that with the people of Samoa."

He said he is beginning to think that the MTC is HIS mission. There is the 3rd set of missionaries in the room next to him and he is still there! He said he has to remind himself that he is actually going to Samoa on his mission not just the MTC.

He also has been so amazed at how quick and precise his prayers are answered! He told of an experience that he was struggling one day with some concerns and worries and then he prayed for help. And that day in his lessons and in a devotional his prayer was answered. In the devotional the speaker even said I feel inspired to say.... and it was the exact answer to Dave's prayer!

He also said, "I love the missionaries here from Samoa, I love having them around. They are always laughing and smiling but when it comes time to work, they really know their stuff. They have a lot of scriptures memorized." And he said they are all so nice. He told about how he was telling this one Samoan missionary how cool his shorts were and then the missionary said, "do you want them"? He was going to give Dave his gym shorts right then and there! Dave said he is amazed at how sharing their culture is!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I had no need to worry about Dave's birthday! His district took perfect care of him. They got him a birthday cake and presents and sang happy birthday to him!! We have a video clip from Dave's camera card to prove it! I tried to load it on here but it was too big. But it shows his comp giving him a birthday cake,his whole district singing to him then smashing bowls of whipping cream in his face! It was hilarious!! Another one of his video clips shows him opening all his presents. It made my heart happy to know he was taken care of on his 19th birthday! He wanted to make sure I told everyone who have sent him letters thank you, he sure appreciates them! He said they live for mail! Special thanks to Kelsie Ainge and her mom for the birthday cookies!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween at the Gages is always a blast!