Monday, April 27, 2009

Elder Gage and Elder Williams!

These wonderful pictures came from my sweet missionary mom, Becky Williams! Thanks!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brent's Prom 2009

Brent took his adorable girlfriend, Camylle to Prom on Saturday April 25, 2009. Brent and his 3 best friends, Nick, Josh and Mitchell took their dates ice skating then to Build-A-Bear. Then they took the girls home to get all dressed up and then went to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner. After dinner, they went to the prom at the Historic Utah County Court Building. They had a blast!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Elder Gage is now in Pesega,Upolu!

We just our weekly email from Dave. He got transferred for the first time since he has been in Samoa. He was sad to leave Sili, Savaii and shed some tears as the bishop's family gave him a "ie" and another family gave him a "Ulu", a necklace type thing. But he was so excited to find out that his new comp in his new area was Elder David Williams! Some of you know him, he is the son of my new friend/missionary mom that I was so blessed to find before Dave left on his mission. Her name is Becky Williams and she has been an angel sent from above to me! She has had so much wonderful advice and suggestions for us and she has been a great support to me! And now our sons our companions!!! What an incredible blessing!!! Dave was so excited about it, finally a comp that has the same excitement and desire to share the gospel as him! One of the first things he said was that Elder Williams is a great comp and wants his cousin to call off her wedding and marry him!
Dave also said he got to eat cereal, pizza and Chinese food for the first time in 4 months! Dave loves food so this is a thrill for him I'm sure!
The area that he is now in is near the Samoa Apia temple and the mission offices. Elder Williams told him this area is on fire, having 23 baptisms in the last few months. Dave said, "I'm excited to be here and really push the work forward in this area. Also, some of the people here are fluent in English. It took me off guard when families are throwing in all this English in conversations. Also, it was funny because I wasn't used to seeing so many cars. Because in Sili, hardly any cars would drive past and then my first night here we were crossing the main road, it was pretty busy and Williams looked over at me and I was kind of hesitant crossing the road, he and I laughed about it later!"
We are so proud of Dave! He is loving his mission! He also said in this email, "everyone should go on a mission!".

Don and Brent-Moab Motorcycling!

Don and Brent took a trip down to Moab with their motorcycles. They rode the "White Rim" 100 miles in one day. (They have both done this same trip but on regular bicycles.) I think the motorcycles were more fun!

Dave's Dinner....

Looks appetizing!!!

Dave's First Baptism!

This is the very first person Dave got to baptize!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Latest Pictures from Elder Gage!

We got these the first of April. Sorry it took so long to post them!