Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ruby's Inn Retreat March 2009

Our family had a blast this weekend down at Ruby's Inn thanks to my awesome Uncle Gary and Aunt Sandy, thanks guys!!! We got to hike through Bryce Canyon with Uncle Karl, cousin Jen and her kids, Jake, Julianna & Addie and of course the coolest, cousin Zach! It was beautiful! The kids had a blast swimming at Ruby's Inn. And of course, late night poker with the peeps....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Elder Gage's email 3/2/09

I hope you all have enjoyed the new pix from Samoa! We sure have! It is so nice to be able to see where our son is and see his smiling face!
In his email this week he explained what the food was that had a small claw, he said, "that claw hoof thing that we were eating was the arm/shoulder of a "size 2" little pig. That is how they serve it to us. They say its a "size 2" for the ones that are only about 1 foot tall from the ground."
He also said, "Since my new companion came we don't shower out of a bucket anymore. We use the shower inside now. The shower fixture is broken, so we use pliers or a nail stuck through the hole in the broken stem to turn on the water. It comes out the side of the wall in a stream a little bigger than the size of the water coming out of a drinking fountain and its cold water. There is no such thing as warm showers here." " Some exciting news, we have another baptism on Saturday! His name is Neemia and he is 11 yrs old. Also, some more exciting news, they are redoing the church and the fale (house) for the missionaries, so we are going to be living with a family who lives behind the church. I'm excited to get to live more like the Samoans!" " But things are really going great here. I still think it feels like a dream everyday. Things are great with my new companion, we were laughing and joking last night, things are really good"
His advice to us, "listen more when you have family scripture study and Mom, please don't cry."